Where can I find customer testimonials?

Perfect 10 Men is in a national directory called PartyPOP which is the largest directory for planning weddings, parties, and special events in the USA. According to PartyPOP, we have more reviews than any similar agency nationwide! CLICK HERE to read them.

What regions to you cover?

Perfect 10 Men provides male entertainment and talent throughout the entire lower peninsula of Michigan, as well as Northwest Indiana, and Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Please note that not every dancer we work with is listed on this site, however our network of dancers in these areas is extensive. Now, since we offer virtual parties, we cover coast-to-coast, and have even done parties with guests located in Europe and Asia!

What type of entertainment do you offer?

In addition to providing great entertainment for bachelorette and birthday parties, we also have sexy men for retirement, going away, divorce, or any type of private party. Our men also go-go in nightclubs, and perform in male revue shows. We even provide sexy waiters for private events, fitness models for photo shoots, video work, nude posing for artists, and much more. Any time you need sexy men, give us a call. We have the classiest adult entertainment around.

How far in advance should we reserve a dancer?

As far in advance as possible. As you see, our dancers are the hottest around and book up very quickly. It is often difficult to book on short notice, but we will do our best. Many of our dancers also dance in bars and pick up those shifts when not booked for a private party.

How much do you charge?

The charge for an exotic entertainer varies depending duration of time booked, type of booking (strip-tease, go-go, shirtless server), and distance for him to travel. Travel is charged at $25/hour round trip. So if you are 1 hour from the dancer, your trip charge would be $50. To find out a specific price for your event, give us a call. The typical base cost for a 30-minute Private Party in Grand Rapids area is $185 for underwear, and $25 extra for completely nude. (Note: not all men offer the nude option). 60 minutes is only $15 more. Pricing for Fitness Models, Go-go, and Special Events available upon request.

When/how do we pay?

We accept all major credit cards, and send an electronic invoice to pay online via Square App. You may also take care of payment over the phone. For in-person parties, we only collect a deposit at the time of booking. The balance due is to be paid in cash or with payment app directly to talent upon arrival to your event. Under no circumstances will our men get started without prepayment. For virtual parties, the entire fee is paid upfront, and we take care of payment of the dancer. Tips are expected through CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc.

What if we have to cancel after we have made a reservation?

Any cancellation made more than 48 hours in advance will not require any payment other than the initial deposit. If you cancel within 48 hours of the party, payment will be required in full. Our dancers are very much in demand and we stop booking parties for them once they are reserved. Collection of the fee is necessary to compensate the performer after a last-minute cancellation since we would not be able to re-book him for another party.

How long will the dancer be at my party?

That all depends on the size of your party and how many people other than the guest of honor want to get dances. He will begin with a 20-minute striptease for the guest of honor, then will stay at the party and give lap dances for tips for anyone else who would like to participate. While we guarantee the minimum time you booked him for, it is possible for him to stay longer depending on his schedule, his comfort level at your party, and of course, your generosity with tips. Virtual shows are 30-minutes long.

How much tipping is expected?

Although not required, as a general rule it is considered courteous for each guest at the party to bring $10-$20 to tip the dancer. You can tip singles, fives, tens, or even $20 bills. Remember, the dancer is working hard for your tips. The best way to show your appreciation is with generosity in tipping. More dollas, more hollas!

How long have you been in business?

2020 is our 22nd year as Perfect 10 Entertainment. In 2012 the male and female divisions split into two separate entities. We were founded in Grand Rapids, MI and now operate out of Chicago.

Do you offer massage, escorts, or one-on-one shows?

No, no, and no. We stay clear of anything that even remotely resembles prostitution or anything illegal and our male dancers do not perform sexual favors of any kind. We offer beautiful men for classy, private parties (minimum 5 guests), modeling, and special events only.

Can we take pictures or video?

NO cameras or video cameras are allowed to be used during the party unless dancer has given explicit permission prior to starting. In-action shots at a party may not be taken without permission and it is considered very disrespectful. Quite frankly they also often turnout more awkward than sexy. Most guys will pose for photos with the guests at the end of the night. Just ask! This way, they can be sure they are looking their best in the photo.

What is a good time to have the dancer come to our party?

We recommend you schedule him to arrive about 2 hours after the party is scheduled to start. Bachelorette and birthday parties are notorious for having late arriving guests, and you want to make sure no one misses the fun. We also ask that you give us a 1-hour window for the dancer to arrive. For example, if the ideal time you would like to have him there is 9 PM, we will schedule him to arrive sometime between 8:30 and 9:30 to get things started.

Will he go nude?

The industry standard is that male strippers don’t usually go nude, but down to trunks, thong or G-string. Every male dancer has his own policy on this, however. Each dancer profile page on our website will list a separate price for a nude party if he offers it. Otherwise, expect that your dancer will strip down to trunks, a G-string or thong.

Do your men only dance for women?

Most of our men like to make cash and will dance for all crowds including bachelorettes and bachelors, girls’ night out, birthdays (for girls or guys), bisexual parties, and swinger parties. If you’re having a get together and want some erotic fun– we’re in. If the dancer you choose has any guest limitations, we will help you choose a dancer who does not.

What sort of outfit/costume does he wear?

Our male dancers are very entertaining without special outfits or costumes and come in trendy street clothes as standard if not specified in the reservation form. However, most of our dancers offer theme costumes which will be listed on their individual profile pages. Please note, each dancer owns their own costumes; therefore costumes are not borrowed or traded between dancers.

Will the dancer need anything when he arrives?

Our dancers may request a bathroom to freshen up before the party. They will bring a Bluetooth speaker and provide their own music. Also, a sturdy, kitchen table type chair, preferably with no arm rests. It is ideal to start the guest of honor off seated in a chair of this type in the center of the room.

Do all the dancers put on the same type of show?

No, they don’t. Our dancer’s performances vary as widely as their looks. Personalities of the dancers can sometimes be extremely different. We recommend you check out the reviews on each dancer’s profile page as well as the photos of the dancers before you book your party to get an idea of each dancer’s personality as well as their looks.

I’ve been at two separate parties where the same dancer performed and the performances were quite different, why is this?

Two reasons, comfort level and surroundings. A party in a pole barn on a cement floor may differ quite a bit from a party indoors in comfy room with carpeted floors. Both parties would still be entertaining, and there are advantages to both, but the content would most likely be different. The dancers also feed off the party’s energy. If it’s an enthusiastic and positive party where the women are generous and complimentary, the show would obviously be different than at a party where the women were being rude and disrespectful. Like we always say, if you treat your dancer like a king, he unleashes his wild side. If you disrespect him, he will not give you the attention you were hoping for.

The bachelorette doesn’t want to get lap dances so her fiancé won’t get mad, is this okay?

Of course it’s okay. We certainly don’t want to get anyone in trouble. If there are any specific rules you have for your bachelor or ANYONE at the party about getting dances, PLEASE tell us. We will follow your rules just as we expect you to follow ours.

What are some of the pet peeves of exotic dancers so we can try to avoid them?

Well, since you asked, we’ll give you a top 5 list:

1. THE DIRECTOR: The girl at the party who needs to feel like she’s in control of everything. She is constantly shouting instructions to the dancer “Do this”, “Do that”, “Why haven’t you danced for her?”, etc… Instead of relaxing and enjoying the party, she is in such a hurry to have the dancer do everything that it decreases the enjoyment of the party for everyone. Tell the “director” to relax and enjoy the party. The dancer knows what he’s doing and will make sure everyone who wants dances will get them.

2. BACKHANDED COMPLIMENTS: Even though you may think you are trying to compliment the dancer, think about how things actually sound before you say them. For example, you may think he is the sexiest man you ever saw, and after 20 minutes of inspecting him to try and find even one little flaw you say, “Wow, you are absolutely perfect except for your small legs.” This may seem like a compliment to you, but what the dancer hears is “Wow, your legs are the ugliest damn things I ever saw, get away from me.” Try to imagine how vulnerable it would be to be the only person naked in front of a room full of people.

3. TONGUES: Please, please, please, keep your tongue inside your mouth. If we start to dance for you and your tongue darts out of your mouth, the dance is over. Tongues frighten us. Thanks.

4. BEER POURING: There are few things that upset us more than having beer poured on our naked bodies. We will never understand why so many people try to do this. Drink your beer, offer us a beer, but DON’T waste it by throwing it or pouring it on us.

5. NEGATIVITY: Any type of negative comment depresses us quite a bit. We really are working very hard and trying our best to give you a great show, and negative comments can really tear us apart. Be nice. 🙂


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