Live Virtual Male Strippers

It’s a strange time around the world, and what we need more than ever is entertainment to keep our minds from the doom-and-gloom that surrounds us with Covid-19. We know that so many events, including weddings and bachelorette parties have been postponed, and that’s a giant bummer. So last year we came up with a way to celebrate and have fun despite the stay-at-home orders that so many states have adopted.


We have been offering virtual private dancers for your parties since April of 2020, and we’re PROS at it. In fact, we were the FIRST agency in the nation to make the pivot. It’s easy! You just select the entertainer of your choice, and choose a day and time. As an even less expensive alternative, we will have occasional public live events where one of our male dancers will stream live from his own home – for you, and anyone else who pays to watch. Invite your friends, or have him all to yourself, because it’s very affordable! They will rely on your tips, so be ready with CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, etc! Be sure to follow us on social media in order to be informed on when the events are scheduled!


What is a virtual live male stripper like? Well, they will put on a similar show you’d expect to see in person. They will dance and slowly remove articles of clothing. Some will take it ALL OFF (but not all of them). They will even get close to the camera as if they are right on top of you! They also will speak to you, ask for song requests, and expect to hear you scream and show enthusiasm. It’s really not too different than in person!


If you’re still interested in having a live dancer at your party, we got you! We service Michigan, NWI (Northwest Indiana) and Chicagoland. All we ask is that you agree to abide by their mask preferences, and they promise to do the same.